Indiana Man Dies In Tragic Work Accident.

The Kosciusko County, Indiana Sheriff’s Department reported on Friday, January 24, that 42-year-old David M. Seitner of Mentone, Indiana, was killed in an explosion while working at the Cargill Nutrena Feed plant in Mentone.

The sheriff’s department received an emergency call at around 5 PM on Friday stating that a male worker had been injured.  When the sheriff’s department and other emergency responders arrive, they found Seitner with severe injuries to his head and face.  Seitner was rushed to nearby Kosciusko Community Hospital, but doctors were unable to save his life.

According to the sheriff’s investigation, Seitner was injured when an air compressor system on a truck on which he was working exploded, and a piece of the compressor struck him in the face.  It is unclear what caused the air compressor to explode.  The truck on which Seitner was working is owned by RVH Trucking.

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