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Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Exceptions

In most Massachusetts work injury cases, Massachusetts workers' compensation is the only legal remedy for a Massachusetts employee who is injured or killed in the course of employment. The agreement imposed by law between Massachusetts employers and Massachusetts employees, in which Massachusetts workers give up their right to sue their employers in Massachusetts courts in exchange for the guarantee of no-fault Massachusetts workers' compensation benefits, is an efficient method for resolving Massachusetts employer-employee conflicts. Massachusetts workers' compensation awards, however, tend to be significantly smaller than those awards in most Massachusetts personal injury lawsuits. The benefit of Massachusetts workers’ compensation is that Massachusetts employees are not left without financial support during lengthy court proceedings in which there is no guarantee of a favorable outcome.

Some exceptions to the exclusivity of Massachusetts workers’ compensation benefits do exist. Workers’ compensation does not shield Massachusetts employers from responsibility when they act in bad faith or criminally harm their employees. If a Massachusetts worker is injured by the deliberate actions of his or her Massachusetts employer, he or she is permitted to file a lawsuit against the employer for an intentional tort, in addition to filing for Massachusetts workers’ compensation benefits. Some examples of intentional behavior that triggers this right include known exposure to hazardous and dangerous working conditions, assault and battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Massachusetts employees can also sue their employers for other harms not covered by Massachusetts’ workers compensation including discrimination, sexual harassment, property damage and defamation. Massachusetts co-workers, who are usually immune from Massachusetts work injury lawsuits, may also be sued if they intentionally or maliciously cause injury to another Massachusetts employee.

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Even if an injured Massachusetts worker is ineligible to sue his or her Massachusetts employer directly, he or she may still be able to bring a Massachusetts workplace personal injury lawsuit against a responsible third party. Examples of a potential third party that may be liable for an injury include Massachusetts inspectors, non-employer Massachusetts contractors and Massachusetts landlords who fail to remedy an unsafe or hazardous condition on the work site. Another third party who may be subject to suit is a Massachusetts medical care provider who exacerbates a Massachusetts work-related injury by rendering negligent treatment. Finally, Massachusetts manufacturers, Massachusetts distributors and Massachusetts sellers of defective products that cause injury may be sued for Massachusetts product liability damages. In such circumstances, a Massachusetts employer may be able to obtain reimbursement for Massachusetts workers’ compensation benefits already paid.

Our Boston, Massachusetts personal injury lawyers, Boston, Massachusetts product liability lawyers, Boston, Massachusetts medical malpractice lawyers and Boston, Massachusetts wrongful death lawyers can help you prepare and file claims against all Massachusetts negligent parties so that you can receive the maximum financial compensation that is owed to you. To discuss the merits of your Massachusetts work injury case, you can immediately consult with a knowledgeable and highly skilled Boston work injury attorney by calling 617-787-3700 or sending an email to us at

The Massachusetts worker’s compensation attorneys at our Boston, MA law firm have over two decades of experience in handling and settling complicated Massachusetts worker’s compensation claims. In Massachusetts, employers are obligated by law to purchase worker’s compensation insurance. An employer can be held criminally liable in the event that they fail to purchase this insurance. An employer will also be strictly liable for civil damages if they wrongfully fail to purchase worker's compensation insurance. Massachusetts worker’s compensation laws provide an injured Massachusetts worker with a number of potential types of damage awards. These damage awards typically include medical expense reimbursement, disability payment, and a percentage of average income if the Massachusetts worker suffers scars or permanent disfigurement. Our Massachusetts worker’s compensation attorneys have a lengthy track record of obtaining some of the highest settlement awards available for our Massachusetts worker’s compensation clients.

Aside from providing outstanding legal representation, our Massachusetts worker’s compensation attorneys are committed to providing superior client service. We never make a decision on behalf of a client without discussing the issue completely with the client beforehand. Our Massachusetts worker’s compensation attorneys do not feel that the outcome of a client’s case is successful unless the client is completely satisfied with their damage award and the client feels as if they were kept fully informed about their case every step of the way. We copy our clients on all correspondence and respond promptly to all client inquiries. Our Massachusetts worker’s compensation attorneys understand that in your time of need, you want to be as relieved of the stresses associated with your Massachusetts worker’s compensation claim as much as possible.

The Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA) is the agency responsible for overseeing and enforcing worker’s compensation laws in Massachusetts. One of the greatest advantages to this agency is that they function separately from the Massachusetts civil court system. Massachusetts worker’s compensation claims are, therefore, kept out of Massachusetts courts, which allows for Massachusetts worker’s compensation cases to be heard and resolved more quickly and efficiently. It can oftentimes be very difficult for an injured Massachusetts worker to obtain Massachusetts worker’s compensation. Sadly, it is not uncommon for Massachusetts employers to deny that an employee’s injuries occurred while at work, or a Massachusetts employer may deny the extent of the employee’s injuries. Insurance companies often deny liability as well, frequently for reasons that have no merit.

Our Boston work-related personal injury attorneys are experts with regard to Massachusetts job site injury cases and trials. Our Boston, MA employment injury attorneys will represent you or your loved with respect to your Massachusetts job site injury claim with no charge to you for attorney’s fees and no charge for out-of-pocket costs unless we win your employment injuries case and put money damages in your pocket. Our Boston law office will receive a one-third contingent fee with regard to your third party work-related personal injury case only out of the money that we recover for your employment related injuries. In other words, our Boston job site injury lawyers only get paid if you or your loved one receives money damages for your work site injury claim. In addition, we do not charge our clients for any out-of-pocket costs or expenses unless and until we win your employment personal injury case. Out-of-pocket costs and expenses include, for example, paying for fees for getting medical records and bills. In most instances, these fees are very small as compared with the amount of the total settlement.

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