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If you have been injured on the job, require medical treatment as a result of a Massachusetts workplace accident and are unable to earn your full wages for five or more days, you become eligible for Massachusetts workers’ compensation benefits. Some of these benefits include:

  • If your Massachusetts work-related injury necessitates medical treatment, you have the right to treat with the doctor of your choosing. This means that your Massachusetts employer or their Massachusetts insurance company cannot deny your benefits for refusing to treat with a physician that they assign. If, upon commencing your employment, you signed a preferred provider agreement, you may be required to attend an initial consultation with your employer’s preferred medical care provider. After doing so, you will be free to see a doctor of your choice.

  • The legal right to reimbursement for all of your medical expenses related to your Massachusetts workplace injury. These expenses include doctor’s bills, co-payments, mileage, parking, prescriptions and any other necessary medical expenses.

  • If your Massachusetts injury causes a temporary disability, you are entitled to receive sixty percent of the average weekly wage that you were earning prior to your injury. This would include overtime wages and bonuses, as well as lost income from other Massachusetts employers, if you held more than one job at the time of your accident.

  • You are eligible to receive a partial disability benefit, even if you are required to find a different job with a new employer, if your present employer could not accommodate your physical limitations due to your disability. If your injury at work results in a permanent disability, you may receive two-thirds of your average weekly wage, as well as compensation for a potential annual cost of living increase.

  • If your Massachusetts job site injury results in a permanent inability to perform the essential functions of your job, you may be entitled to Massachusetts vocational rehabilitation, which will be paid for by your benefits. Massachusetts vocational rehabilitation can include job placement, retraining or schooling.

  • If an injury at a Massachusetts job site results in the wrongful death of the injured worker, benefits are payable to the surviving dependents. A Massachusetts surviving spouse is entitled to receive two hundred and fifty weeks of the deceased Massachusetts employee’s benefits, as well as annual cost of living increases. The Massachusetts workers’ compensation insurer is also obligated to pay for burial expenses that do not exceed four thousand dollars.

We Will Maximize Your Recovery of Massachusetts Worker's Compensation Benefits. Call our Massachusetts Work Related Injury Attorney Experts Today at 617-787-3700.

Massachusetts employees rely on the Massachusetts workers' compensation system to provide financial security for them and their families in the aftermath of a Massachusetts work-related injury. If you feel that the benefits that you are entitled to are being delayed or denied, call an experienced Boston, Massachusetts workers’ compensation attorney at 617-787-3700 or send us at email at Our Boston, MA work-related personal injury lawyers and Boston, MA wrongful death accident attorneys would be happy to consult with you regarding any questions or concerns you may have regarding your or your loved one’s Massachusetts workers’ compensation claim.

Massachusetts is a no-fault state with regard to worker’s compensation laws. In other words, it is immaterial whether or not the Massachusetts worker contributed in part to their accident. As long as a Massachusetts worker is injured while performing a work-related function, he or she will be entitled to Massachusetts worker’s compensation benefits. All Massachusetts employers are required by law to purchase worker’s compensation insurance for their employees. A Massachusetts employer can be held criminally liable if they fail to do so. In exchange for the benefits that the Massachusetts worker is entitled to receive in the event of a work-related injury, the worker cannot file a Massachusetts personal injury lawsuit against their employer. The Massachusetts worker’s compensation attorneys at our Boston, MA law firm have over two decades of experience in handling and settling complicated Massachusetts worker’s compensation claims.

If you or your loved one has been the victim of a Massachusetts worksite accident, there is a wide range of injuries that may have been sustained. In more fortunate circumstances, a Massachusetts work-related accident will lead to temporary injuries that will heal over time with the appropriate rehabilitation. These types of injuries are usually soft-issue injuries, and less serious neck and back injuries. Unfortunately, a large number of Massachusetts worksite accidents lead to permanent or even life-threatening injuries. Many of these injuries involve broken bones and traumatic brain injuries. In the worst case scenario, a Massachusetts worksite accident can result in Massachusetts wrongful death. In the event of a Massachusetts wrongful death, the family of the victim is entitled to a monetary recovery on the victim’s behalf.

The Massachusetts worker’s compensation attorneys at our Boston, MA law firm have been assisting our clients with their Massachusetts worker’s compensation claims for over 25 years. In doing so, a number of them have gained national recognition and have been named in The Best Lawyers in America. The Boston Globe has named some of our Massachusetts worker’s compensation lawyers as Boston’s Best Lawyers. Boston Magazine has granted similar recognition to a number of our Massachusetts worker’s compensation lawyers by naming them Massachusetts Super Lawyers and New England Super Lawyers. Our Massachusetts worker’s compensation attorneys have represented clients with all types of injuries. We are a dedicated group of attorneys that work tirelessly on our clients' behalf until we receive the full and fair compensation that our Massachusetts worker’s compensation clients deserve.

It is very important for your case that you or your loved one contact one of our Boston, MA worker’s compensation lawyers right away after an injury on the job has occurred, and without trying to settle your own claim or contacting any of the adverse parties or other witnesses. In the past, when prospective personal injury clients of our Boston law firm have gone against our advice and tried to settle their own work related injury claims without the assistance of one of our expert job site injury lawyers, the results have been almost uniformly unfavorable. These individuals have nearly always requested our assistance prior to settlement, and frequently there were already serious problems with their job injury cases. The major reason for this is because an insurance company does not take a pro bono work-related personal injury client as seriously as someone who is already represented by competent counsel. Insurance companies are well aware that our Boston, MA job site injury attorneys know Massachusetts worker’s compensation law backwards and forwards. Our Boston attorneys also understand how much your or your loved one’s injury case is worth. In the event that you do not get the expert assistance of one of our experienced Boston, MA job site injury attorneys, the insurance company does not face the threat of a lawsuit, and will seek to settle your work-related injury claim for much less than it is worth.

For example, you may think that a $50,000.00 settlement offer from a Massachusetts insurance company to resolve your Massachusetts third party personal injury claim arising out of your job site injuries is fair, but the actual value of your case may exceed $250,000.00. Typically, individuals that work at settling their own job site injury claims receive only a small fraction of what our expert Boston employment injury lawyers would be able to recover for them.

If you or your loved one has suffered injury at work or while performing a work-related activity, you should not hesitate to contact one of our highly skilled Massachusetts worker’s compensation attorneys. There is a Massachusetts statute of limitations that limits the amount of time that you may have to bring a claim. You will be forever barred from recovery for your injuries if you do not act within this strict time period. The Massachusetts worker’s compensation attorneys at our Boston, MA law firm can be reached at 617-787-3700 or can be emailed at Call today. Your needs are our top priority!

Let Our Massachusetts Work Related Injury Attorney Experts Maximize Your Recovery of Massachusetts Worker's Compensation Benefits. Call Us Today at 617-787-3700. Your Needs Are Our Top Priority!

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