Facebook Busting Worker’s Compensation Fraud.

On January 7, 2014, approximately 106 people were indicted on worker’s compensation fraud charges that allegedly cost the government $21.4 million in false disability claims.

Social networking websites like Facebook have opened the door to a new level of surveillance. Recent news stories have indicated that these social networking sites have played a role in catching workers who fraudulently claim disability, all the while posting to their Facebook page about their true healthy state. In the aftermath of 9/11, dozens of police officers told doctors that they were too traumatized to leave the house. While collecting disability payments, many of these officers posted Facebook pictures of themselves fishing, riding motorcycles, playing sports and flying helicopters. In other cases, workers have said they were unable to work due to medical concerns, collected disability and later discovered on Facebook to have second jobs.

Some employees argue it is an invasion of privacy to investigate employee’s personal social media sites for worker’s compensation fraud, but it’s actually quite legal. Since social media is made available to at least some third parties, there is little privacy interest in what we post.

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