Walmart Agrees to Pay $2 Million to Improve Safety Conditions for Employees After Worker Killed on Black Friday.

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An employer has a duty to keep a safe work environment for its employees.  When they fail to do so, and an employee is injured, the employer may be held accountable for those injuries.  To deter future liability, Walmart has agreed to invest $2 million to improve its safety for its employees across its 92 stores.

The investment comes after Walmart received criticism and backlash after an employee was trampled to death during a Black Friday sale.  As many customers know, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving.  Many retailers, including Walmart, offer extreme discounts and deals to incentivize shopping.  Patrons often form a line around the store and some even camp out for days in order to be the first customers through the door on Black Friday.  This frequently results in congested entrances, with patrons jostling and shoving one another.  At one store location, customers charged through the front doors knocking over a temporary clerk, trampling him to death.  Some alleged that Walmart failed to properly train their staff or effectively deal with the crowds and could have avoided their employee’s death.   The $2 million investment is intended to prevent such injuries in the future by increasing training and crowd handling procedures, but some say this is too little too late.

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