Victim’s Family Receives $17.72 Million After Construction Worker Drowned While Working On Bridge at Baylor University.

There are many causes for construction site accidentsThey may result from a wide variety of factors, including carelessness, fatigue, defective equipment, mistakes, bad luck and incompetence.  Severe injuries, including blindness, traumatic head injuries, burns, spinal cord injuries, dislocations, severed limbs and broken bones can result from construction site accidents.  If you were injured in a jobsite accident involving any of these circumstances you may be entitled to monetary compensation.  Contact our expert Boston construction site accident attorneys today to discuss your potential claim.

On January 28, 2014, Jose Dario Suarez was working as a construction worker on the pedestrian bridge crossing over to Baylor University’s McLane Stadium.  As Suarez and another man worked on the bridge, they were strapped to a hydraulic lift on a barge in the Brazos River.  As they were working, the hydraulic lift rolled from the barge into the river.  The other worker was able to free himself, but Suarez was pulled under the water and drowned.

According to, Suarez’s family filed a lawsuit against Austin Bridge and Road Co., the general contractor; Baylor University; Flexifloat Construction Systems; Austin Commercial Inc.; Derr and Isbell Construction Inc; Flintco Genie Industries Inc.; Terex Corp.; Robishaw Engineering; and Core Safety.  The lawsuit alleged that work crews made no attempt to rescue the workers after the lift rolled into the river.  Furthermore, the lift was not chained down, as regulations required.  A jury found that Austin Bridge and Road Co. was 100 percent liable.  They awarded the Suarez family $5 million in damages for pre-death pain and suffering, as Suarez drowned; $1 million for each of his three children; $8 million for his wife; and $2 million in punitive damages.  Attorney Vuk Vujasinovic represented the Suarez family.

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