Construction Contractor Killed after Being Struck by a Rail in Washington D.C.

Shortly after midnight on Sunday, October 6, 2013, a contractor was killed after he and two other workers were struck by a section of the rail on the Metro Red Line in Washington D.C. The other two workers are hospitalized with severe, but non-life-threatening personal injuries.

According to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), the contractor and two WMATA were working on removing old rail near Union Station and replacing it with new rail. The equipment used to weld the rail together had apparently malfunctioned, resulting in a fire and loud noise. The malfunctioning equipment caused the heavy rail to move and strike the three workers.

According to responding paramedics, the contractor died very soon after being struck by the rail. The two WMATA workers were rushed to the emergency rooms of nearby hospitals, where they remain with serious personal injuries.

The WMATA has notified the National Transportation Safety Board and the Tri-State Oversight Committee of the fatal work accident. All work on the Red Line has halted pending the investigation of the job site accident.

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