Florida Man Struck By Lightening At Work.

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Sergio Museguez was struck by lightening while at work in Florida. At the time of the accident, Mr. Museguez was working as a heavy equipment operator. His employer did not allow the employees to stop working, despite knowing about a dangerous electrical storm approaching.

Mr. Museguez was seriously injured in the electrical accident. He now needs continuous treatment and a nurse to be constantly tending to him. His lawsuit was filed in the Miami-Dade County Circuit Court. The family alleges that Mr. Museguez was seriously injured, and that it was the fault of his employer, who refused to clear the worksite, despite the dangerous storm approaching. The lawsuit alleges multiple counts of negligence. The Museguez family is seeking unspecified damages.

The Museguez family listed MG3 Developer Group, the company undertaking the project that was being worked on at the time of the incident, and Geosite Inc., Mr. Museguez’s employer, as defendants. In addition, neither defendant had proper workers’ compensation insurance at the time of the incident.

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