Explosion At Oil Plant In Texas Injures 7 People.

Explosions and fires scar, kill and reap devastation in the United States every day. In an explosion or fire, the events often take a significant physical and emotional toll on the victims and their families. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is responsible for the establishment and enforcement of workplace safety rules and regulations. If you have been injured at a worksite due to an explosion or fire accident, you should be aware that the law helps and assists people in receiving just money compensation for their physical and emotional injuries.

At an oil plant in Nederland, Texas, circa 90 miles from Houston, an explosion hurt seven people recently, a few severely. The explosion happened at a crude-oil plant called Sunoco Logistics. According to Sunoco, the company’s Nederland plant has the ability to store about 24 million barrels of crude oil. All of the injured individuals were employees who worked for a company that contracted for the Sunoco plant. Sunoco logistics reports that the incident happened in connection with a pipeline that transported the crude oil. Some of the injured employees suffered from serious burns. The 7 employees were immediately sent to receive treatment. The deputy, Marcus McLellan, commented on the transport of the injured victims: “Three of the injured were transported to burn centers via helicopter, four by ambulance to area hospitals.” The Sunoco company began investigations regarding how the explosion started, assisted by the contracting company that employed the injured, L. Con, Inc. Luckily, the fire that happened after the explosion incident did not in any way effect the local community close to the Sunoco plant.

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