A Lifetime of Temp Jobs on the Trend.

Ever since the recession in America, steady jobs have become far and few in between for many. The widespread layoffs, starting in around 2006, have forced many workers to take a string of temporary jobs. However, these jobs lack the security that permanent jobs once held, with many workers being terminated without notice and unemployed between different jobs.

Research shows that about 2.53 million people are working temporary jobs as of this month. In addition, there is a forty percent increase in temporary jobs since 2009, and the number is only getting larger.

Hiring temporary workers is particularly desirable for employers, who are then able to adjust their workforce, based on their needs, without having to commit to full-time, permanent employees.

With a current unemployment rate of about 8.2 percent, there are plenty of people in the workforce willing to take on the temporary jobs, and employers do not have to pay them benefits or severance.

Despite the incentives for employers, an increase in temporary jobs may not be great for Americans in the long run. People are grateful for any job, but crave to have security, higher pay and better benefits. It is a struggle for most families to live on a temp-job salary.

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