Texas Electrical Worker Killed In Tragic Accident.

In 2013, more than 66,500 work-related injuries and illnesses were reported throughout Massachusetts industries. Massachusetts tracks all work-related injuries with an annual report that breaks down cases with days away from work (DAFW); cases with job transfers or restricted duty (DJTR); and other recordable cases (ORC). By definition, the most severe and troubling cases are those that take the employee away from the workplace either temporarily or permanently. Grouped together, DARW and DJTR are known as DART cases. About half of all reported injuries are DART cases.

Veteran electrical worker, 55-year-old Robert Alvarado, was killed in a tragic worksite accident last month. According to Valley Central News, Alvarado had worked for the Magic Valley Electric Cooperative in Texas for more than twenty years. He was a dedicated and careful worker, making this accident even more tragic. According to witnesses, Alvarado and his partner were both wearing all required safety gear, and taking all necessary precautions, while working on the 900 block of Border Breeze Road in San Juan, Texas.

News reports indicate that Alvarado may have lost his balance, and as a result, accidentally touched the electrical equipment. He was electrocuted, and immediately rendered unresponsive. His partner rushed to his aid, pulled him away from the electrical equipment, and administered CPR until rescue crews could arrive. Unfortunately, he could not be resuscitated, and he later died of his injuries at a local hospital.

The Magic Valley Electrical Cooperative has launched an investigation to determine what if anything could have been done to prevent the deadly accident. OSHA has joined in the investigation to determine exactly what happened. OSHA suspects heat may have played a role in the fall and subsequent electrocution.

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