Roofer Falls 13 Feet At London Construction Site.

45 year-old Paul Shaw could have died after falling some 13 feet from a skylight into an empty swimming pool at a London construction site. The Maidstone resident luckily only suffered a wrist injury from the work accident.

Reports state that the roofer fell through a skylight at the Tonbridge, Kent construction site, as the high opening had only been covered with a thin plastic sheeting. Earlier, the skylights had been secured with plywood, but the wood had since been removed, unbeknownst to Shaw. The wood had apparently been removed to allow natural lighting into the work space below, and to help workers lower material and equipment into the work area.

Shaw’s injuries kept him out of work for five month, and he still has limited movement in his wrist.

Lead contractor Bryen & Langley, of Eltham, London, was fined over $18,300 and wasv also ordered to pay over $14,000 in costs after the work accident. The company took responsibility for the accident, admitting that safety standards had not been met at the site.

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