Nurse Awarded $200,000 In Worker’s Compensation Claim After Fracturing Pelvis While Working.

Whenever someone is injured while working, a worker’s compensation claim may be the best way for they and their families to begin to recover while they’re injured. Although filing a worker’s compensation personal injury claim should be easy, there are many reasons why they can become complicated and complex. Our team of highly skilled and respected worker’s compensation lawyers and personal injury attorney specialists here at the Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates will help guide you through the process to make sure you receive just and fair compensation for your injuries and pain and suffering.

A rehabilitation center nurse who fractured her pelvis at work, as a result of her own struggle with cancer, has been awarded $200,000 in state compensation. Dale Perry, a nurse at Avon Health Center for about 10 years, fractured her pelvis at work in 2014. The fracture was attributed to brittleness associated with cancer in the bone. Although the claim did not cite a specific traumatic incident at work, the fact that Ms. Perry was working at the time of the fracture qualified her for workers’ compensation benefits because it was deemed by her physician to be a work-related injury. The injury has led to significant costs associated with pain management and numerous visits to a psychiatrist. Avon Health Center, a short-term rehabilitation and long-term, care center, was declared responsible for the costs.

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