Massachusetts Unemployment Applications Inch Up.

Boston, Massachusetts Workers Compensation LawyerThe number of people seeking Massachusetts unemployment benefits over the past month has risen to a three month high after months of steady declines. The number of unemployment applications rose to 386,000, with the four week average rising slightly to just under 375,000. Economists believe that application numbers below 375,000 are generally indicative of strong hiring that will lower the unemployment rate. Temporary layoffs may have contributed to the rise – many school employees, for example, are temporarily laid off during spring break while students are away – but some economists believe that Massachusetts job growth is just slowing.

The Massachusetts housing market has also suffered some recent setbacks. Sales of previously owned homes fell 2.6 percent last month, down to 4.48 million. The sales number generally hovers around 6 million in a healthy economy, according to some economists. Offsetting this news, however, were higher numbers of first-time home buyers. After a large settlement between the largest banks and the states, banks were allowed to finally begin some foreclosures that had been held up procedurally while the state lawsuit proceeded, causing the foreclosure numbers to increase. The number of homes up for sale fell. Housing prices are still falling, however; so at this point, the indicators are too conflicting to make meaningful predictions.

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