Pittsfield, MA Firefighter Entitled To Disputed Promotion And Back Pay After U.S. Department of Justice Determines His Employment Rights Were Violated.

Boston, Massachusetts Worker's Compensation LawyerThe United States Department of Justice recently reached a settlement agreement with the city of Pittsfield, MA regarding a firefighter promotion dispute and related salary issues. According to Department of Justice authorities, Jeffrey Rawson, a Pittsfield firefighter, had his employment rights violated when the city denied his promotion to lieutenant because of his military duty. The city, according to the Department of Justice, then illegally retaliated against Rawson when he filed a complaint in court to enforce his employment rights.

A United States District Court judge in Massachusetts must now approve the settlement agreement before it becomes effective. As part of the settlement, Rawson will be promoted and he will be entitled to receive $22,000 in back pay.

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