New York City Ordered to Pay $3 Million for Creating an Unsafe Workplace.

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Construction is not always a safe job. It often involves extreme heights, corrosive chemicals, powerful machinery, and a variety of dangerous equipment. While every construction worker is expected to operate equipment in a safe, professional manner, their employers also have a responsibility to create a safe, controlled work environment. When an employer fails to abide by state-mandated guidelines, they expose their employees to severe injury or even death. That employer is then liable for the injuries that befall their employees.

Raafael Lopez is such an employee. Lopez was doing construction work at Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in New York when he fell backwards. When he fell, he was impaled by an uncapped piece of steel reinforcement, causing serious injury and harm. Lopez required multiple hospitalizations, spinal fusion surgery, and physical therapy.

The City of New York addressed issues of comparative negligence, and argued they were not liable for his injuries. Lopez and his attorney, Brian J. Isaac, however, disagreed. They argued that the city failed to create a safe work environment, and that as a direct result, Lopez was injured. After multiple hearings, the court finally ordered the City of New York to pay Lopez $3 million for his pain and suffering, as well as his medical expenses.

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