Kansas Meat Packers Reach Settlement For $350,000.

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Wouldn’t it be nice to never have to work again?  Retirement certainly does have a nice ring to it.  But unfortunately, most Americans can’t afford to retire until the age of at least 65.  Before reaching that age, it is important for people to make as much money as they can, so that they can enjoy retirement without the anxiety of financial hardship looming over them.  While most employers in this country pay their workers fair wages and offer good benefits, some simply do not.  When this happens, there is often an outcry from the employees who are being slighted.

As of Friday, November 28, 2014, 480 meatpacking employees from southwest Kansas received a money award as a result of a settlement in a class action lawsuit.  National Beef, a supplier of beef products in the Midwest, was the employer defendant in the lawsuit.  According to the workers at the processing plant in Liberal, Kansas, the company had been systematically underpaying them.  The lawsuit specifically says that they had not been paid for: the time it takes them to take off and put on their protective gear during unpaid meal breaks; walking to and from production lines; waiting in line for equipment; waiting in line to clean equipment; and cleaning equipment.

The plaintiffs sought unpaid wages and overtime pay and settled the case with National Beef for a total of roughly $350,000.  Each employee’s settlement figure will differ based on a formula that factors in the number of weeks each employee worked, among other things.  The plaintiffs were represented by Attorney Mark Kistler.

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