English Worker Loses Arm in Horrific Job Site Accident.

A 25 year-old worker from Lincoln, United Kingdom, suffered terrible injuries when he tried to dislodge a piece of metal that blocked a conveyor belt at his place of employment.

The man was working at a waste recycling plant, operated by City Scrap Ltd., when he noticed that a conveyor of a metal sorting line became stuck. The worker tried to clear the blockage by using a stick, but he was drawn into the machine which cut off the worker’s arm to the shoulder.

The worker was rushed to a hospital emergency room for medical treatment. The man spent more than a week at the hospital, during which the doctors unsuccessfully attempted to reattach his arm. He has not been able to return to work and now relies on worker’s compensation benefits for a living.

The Health and Safety Executive (“HSE”), the English agency in charge of investigating workplace safety, prosecuted City Scrap for several violations of workplace safety regulations discovered in light of the worker’s horrific job site injury. On April 17, the HSE won a court order in the Scunthorpe Magistrates Court for a £20,000 fine as well as £8,964 in costs, after City Scrap acknowledged workplace safety violations that contributed to the terrible workplace accident.

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