Construction Worker Rushed to Hospital While Working at Logan Airport in Boston, Massachusetts.

Construction sites are hazardous places. They often involve working at unsafe heights with dangerous equipment.  To mitigate the risks of doing construction work, oversight agencies such as OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) require a construction company to take all necessary and appropriate precautions for worker safety and to use proper oversight.  In spite of these precautions, however, injuries can, and often do, still occur.

This was recently the case at Boston’s Logan Airport during the construction of a new parking garage.  Workers have been in the process of expanding the airport’s central parking garage to accommodate an increase in popularity and traffic.  Much of the groundwork had been completed when disaster struck, and a large, 64,000 pound panel of concrete was being lifted via crane to the third floor expansion.  Suddenly, however, the block of concrete fell.

One of the workers who was trying to secure the panel, had to jump out of the way.  The man, who has only been described as a fifty-three-year-old worker from Seymour, Connecticut, managed to avoid the panel of concrete, but fell off the third floor.  The worker fell forty feet to the hard concrete below.  He was taken to the Massachusetts General Hospital with life-threatening injuries. OSHA arrived at the construction site the next day to perform an investigation. All work on the garage was stopped pending an investigation by federal, state, and Massport officials.

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