Australian Employee Loses Three Fingers By Woodworking Machine.

A 27-year-old employee of the Softwoods Timber Yards Pty Ltd has lost three fingers after an accident involving a woodworking machine. The company has been fined $51,000 and legal fees for failing to ensure the safety of its employees by providing safe machinery, safe symptoms of work and appropriate training.

The worker was operating a spindle moulder machine to shape a timber post when the blade caught. It pushed the timber backwards, trapping the employee’s glove and dragging his hand into the blade. Three of his fingers were amputated and a thumb was crushed. As a result of these injuries, he has been unable to return to work.

According to SafeWork SA Executive Director Bryan Russell, most workplace injuries are completely preventable. With worksite inspections, safe work procedures and proper training, accident like this one do not need to occur. This worker claims he suffers from permanent physical disability and psychological injuries including depression, anxiety and stress.

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